KR, creator of word and image
and consumer of the same
and current undergraduate student of Pomona College
and former journalist for NBC News
and former editorial associate for the Los Angeles Review of Books
and former editorial assistant for National Geographic
and future cartoonist, novelist, publisher, and designer

and sounds
and choice

and Bebas

Roland Barthes
and Bertrand Russell
and Arthur Schopenhauer
and Marcus Aurelius

Frank O'Hara
and Allen Ginsberg
and Arthur Rimbaud
and Alice Notley

Italo Calvino
and Amy Hempel
and Raymond Carver
and Anton Chekhov
and Ernest Hemingway

Strawberry Jam
and Sounds of Silence
and The Age of Adz
and Congratulations
and The Wall
and Kid A
and Surrealistic Pillow
and Bromst
and Rumours
and Sung Tongs
and Classics

Richard Avedon
and Robert Mapplethorpe
and Jack Pierson

Roberto Bolaño
and Bret Easton Ellis
and Douglas Coupland
and Thomas Pynchon
and David Foster Wallace
and Chuck Palahniuk
and J. G. Ballard

Osamu Tezuka
and Dash Shaw
and Daniel Clowes
and Matthew Thurber
and Anders Nilsen

Geoff Dyer
and Joan Didion
and John Jeremiah Sullivan
and E. B. White
and Chuck Klosterman

and Alphaville
and Elephant
and Zentropa
and Caché
and Mulholland Dr.
and Irréversible

George Ault
and Edward Hopper
and John Rogers Cox
and David Wojnarowicz

Gus Van Sant
and Ingmar Bergman
and Charlie Kauffman
and Lars von Trier
and Harmony Korine
and Andrei Tarkovsky
and David Fincher