Too much experience gets into the way of the silence that’s needed to write, and the time that is needed... [If] you write as quickly as you experience, you’re not making sense of what you experience. It’s like you’re running alongside a horse. You need time to look at the horse from all sides and be able to describe it.

Because we create the world, we shape society in accordance to how we define it. If you define it in accordance to what the eye can see, you only give fixed answers, you bring about progress in a certain way, you train children in a certain way, you give them memorising exercises, you force them to do this, to learn that.

But if you let space for what you don’t see, you also shape the world but you leave gaps, you leave spaces for the unknown.

You allow people to play, to discover.

from Ben Okri's August 2009 interview with MO*