We are a generation of superhumans.

We are tormented by the in-plain-sight horror of hiding behind inept and incapable secret identities; we struggle with inadvertantly yet inevitably putting in harm's way those to whom we reveal our true natures; we wrestle with the ability to know of crises impossible distances away and the accompanying inability to resolve them all; we fight impotently against the frustration of being able to do simple tasks so much more easily that those around us; we watch ourselves perpetually commit the sins of arrogance and pride because we don't seem to have any boundaries, any limits — no, because we don't have any boundaries, any limits, because our wings were Made In China, interminably durable but pneumatically toxic; we thrash silently every day hypodermally pursued by the insufferable knowledge that we cannot save everyone no matter how hard we try and that devoting our lives to such endeavors would be fruitless and ruinous and yet what the fuck are we supposed to do with all this power?

We see too much, we know too much, we simply can do too much. We have sold our souls away in exchange for immortality; we have traded our psychical wellbeing for physical longevity.

We will persist, and we will hate every minute of it.