[There's an old Borgaños short story about three magi who bestow the constituents of their region with the ability to become invisible. Hoodrats and villains loot and lurk and terrorize with rageous gusto. The innocent citizens use their new powers to hide in plain sight, until only a small faction of "Le Visible" remains, rallying in the city's center amidst a desert of ghouls. One by one, they are assassinated from afar, and with them dies the seen presence of human life.

The story alludes to the town being torn down and rebuilt some years thereafter by a group of developers believing the land to be abandoned. On some nights (or so the author says, or so the author says the townsfolk say, in violet whispers on schoolyard playgrounds), if your ears are tuned just right: "...you can almost hear the quiet breathing of a generation of voyeurs, watching from the shadows; and in the distance, the merciless laugh of the magi."]