A short-lived stint at Berkeley; three years at the University of Chicago; a decade-and-a-half off-grid; an address in Manhattan; and finally, the apartment building off of U Street.

This is what a day of research yields. A history hastily hewn; but it's a start.

Collegiate newspapers mention Rémi in passing: "a new addition to the faculty" or "an avid supporter of the arts" or "sponsor of the debate team," but little else, nothing to personify him, no mention of a family, of spouses or siblings or offspring. No published articles bear his name; his dissertation is nowhere to be found; only on a smattering of book reviews does his name re-appear, credited with thanks by strangers, strangers to me, maybe even strangers to him. And nothing dated before 1980.

But the apartment building off of U Street. The epicenter.

If there is truth to be uncovered, it awaits me there.