I fell.

And now I know. Now, I know the pain.

It is not worth anything. It is as useless as I knew it would be.

Had I never fallen, I would have walked back and forth across the ledge, tortured by not knowing, never knowing.

Now, I know. And now, I know that the torture of not knowing pain is nothing compared to the agony of falling. It is nothing compared to the misery of knowing that I had the ability to walk back and forth across that ledge safely for a lifetime, and that I chose to fall for the sake of a bite of the apple.

Someday, I may fall again; but it will not be at my own hand.

The pain is beautiful. It is gorgeous. It is fucking enchanting, ethereal, clear, crisp, gentle, all-encompassing.

Feel it. Embrace it. Despise it. Adore it. Discard it.

Discard this.