I have been quite brash as of late.

I decided to end this place because I was afraid of what it was becoming: too often did creative work intermingle with expressions of fatuous angst.

The new TWISH: what was it? It began as an experiment, a true deconstruction of self as I had always wished to carry out. But in the process, I began to force it into becoming something it shouldn't have been, and as veritas became sullied by my penchant for narrative dramatization, I realized there was little to be gained from its publication.

So, consider its fifty-two stories defunct for the time being.

There is much to come, for my spirits have been livened, my resolve replenished, and my aspirations made more lucid than ever. I cannot promise a steady flow of content, no, but I can at least promise quality from here on out (my last few posts being of such low caliber that I have nowhere to go but up).

My dear readers, your presence always seems to ensure that I never remain comfortable at rest upon my laurels; for that, I thank you.