I am drawn to the edges of the frames, as the colors bleed outwardly, bleed into the frame, the sky, the skies, His lines, His edges, and then I focus in, and the details, they're there, I am where He stood, and:

A catalyst, an impetus, I see everything, it begins in my teeth, they buzz, they vibrate, then the roof of my mouth, the buzz, electric, my mouth is watering, I have to swallow, but my mouth fills up again, I am swallowing over and over again, I have to in order to breathe, my lips, I touch them, cannot feel them, numb, my whole face feels numb, my breathing is labored--

A gap in the wall, and there is the Creator, and all I want is to grab Him and shake it all out of Him, ask Him to explain it all, but I can't speak, for the first time in who knows how long, He is in front of me and I cannot say anything, I mumble something, He speaks back, vague, it does not even matter what He is saying because I am watching His move, His face contort as a human's face will do when it speaks, but how does He so well resemble a mortal when He is anything but?

His nameplate reads: "Rémi."