martin luther kinggx jr day 2002

what is the relationship between all living things co-existing and the certainty of being able to live / support / create a non-violent society?

it's true that what we label as violence innately occurs in nature. carnivorous animals eat, storms kill bugs, the wind damages delicate plant life

how can no friction instigate change?

is struggle inherently violent?

is our existence, the existence of all living things inherently a democracy, with the majority of the collective biological energy causing the actuality of evolution.

if all forms of abuse (societal,parental, self) were not present, what would it look like? how would change occur?

what is the definition of violence? arethere severAL fundamentally different definitionsxx without using present/past societal examples to illustrate them?

what is the spirit's relationship to the body? what is the mind's?

what is the largest picture?

what is the fundamental xx undercurrent?

what is therelationship of ourxxx living experiences to this undercurrent?

am i miniscule, xxx or am i everything? what's the balance?

ǝɔuɐןɐq :ɹǝʍsuɐ