flashing lights ahead i slow down pop the last acid tab in my mouth as i pass the boy in blue smile mouth fuck the police speed down the highway speed down my throat

miss my turn take the next one elbows on the wheel i pack a bowl and light it when there's no one watching

the signs are alive the circle headed woman helps her circle headed son cross the street one way arrows point up down backwards inside me toward another dimension chain store chain store chain store logos breathe fire the big yellow m walks around wraps its arms around the sunoco next door

fluctuations no joy only misery cannot wallow i am euphoric these loop lines are becoming shorter and shorter flip through the presets but can't choose a song these lyrics taste bitter the sound is all wrong

my hands detach from my arms





i pull over at the railway station onto the tracks the moon grins i grin back i reach the electrical tower draw a hole in the fence with my sharpie

jump through it

from this high everything almost looks different

one place left to visit creep up on the first house i broke into trace my steps through the yard to the backdoor it is still open only this time there is a family inside

i watch them until they go to sleep

"good night"