If you thought the last two puzzles were tough, wait until you see this next one:

Note the similarities in the images: wispy brown hair; those long, pursed, no-way-that's-lipstick-but-then-how-else-would-those-lips-be-so-shiny lips, the hipster attire, that playful look in the eyes that says, "I like Neutral Milk Hotel and I don't care who knows it." You would think that these were three pictures of the same person!

But they're not.

No, the image above is actually of three different people! A list of possible identities for each of these photos is below:

A. James

B. the result of Google Image searching for "hipster lesbian"

C. Michael Cera

D. Sky Haven, the star of Showtime's new drama, Schizophrenic Prostitutes Sell Cocaine (Lesbians)

E. Alexa Chung

F. Anna Waldorf, disappeared 1/5/10, last seen outside Rush, getting in a cab headed for Central Park with two drunk girls with which she was sporadically making out

Good luck figuring out who's who!


This post was inspired by a moment that occurred while watching Zombieland with a friend:

(upon seeing the main character played by Jesse Eisenberg)
Me (in my head): Man, that looks like James.
Friend (out loud): Man, that looks like Michael Cera.