A Photo Essay

Not that College Isn't Wonderful, but what I wanted to do was capture some of the hidden bleakness Here. It exists, burying itself within subtle paradoxes: a window whose blinds are perpetually drawn; a record that cannot be played; shoes that point toward a path of further grime and shadow.

The friendly creatures that create the bottom of my bed frame are simply static figments of my imagination, staring with glee overhead, tauntingly. The shades are a repetitively sterile off-white. The promised doorways into knowledge are blocked by that which represents the establishment (that demon of representation, the STOP sign) and its tools of inoculation. Even those fragments of hope are scrawled on the most limiting of boundaries: the Wall.

Beyond the gates, after the layer of comfort has been stripped away and the reality of Young Adulthood sets in, everything is backwards. I'm Here, on the inside looking out, but everything is backwards.