"No anarchist would for an instant think about giving up their responsibility to an elected leader. When you vote for someone, you're acting irresponsibly. Why? Every moral system that i know of holds people accountable for their actions; two exceptions: kids and crazy people. Why? Because they don't have the capacity for reason; they're not able to be self-governing. In order to be moral, you have to be accountable for your behavior; moral systems hold people accountable. But if you give your responsibility to a politician by voting for them, saying, "Here, gather all the other little pieces of responsibility everyone else gave to you and act in our name," you're no longer accountable. You've given your agency to someone else, and if they do something immoral, how are you held accountable? You're not, and that's irresponsible. Voting is immoral. It's surrendering. It's an admission of weakness."

- As stated by my professor

Do with that what you will, as will I.