Patrick and Aidan sat on the floor, enjoying their meal.

"Do you want to go play outside now?"

Aidan shrugged, then nodded.

"OK, I'm almost done." Patrick finished what was on his plate, got up, and put the two dishes on the counter next to the sink.

Aidan said, "Patrick, my hands are dirty."

Patrick sighed and grabbed the stool so that Aidan could reach the sink, then watched as Aidan washed his hands off. The soap being lathered between Aidan's hands smelled good, like their mom's purse, and Aidan liked that it helped the bad smell in the kitchen go away.

"All done," Aidan announced, and Patrick proceeded to wash his own hands. He remembered having to use the stool only a few years ago, pleased that he was the one helping his brother now that their parents were gone.

With four clean hands between them, Aidan and Patrick walked outside, leaving the rest of Amy's body on the kitchen floor. They had the rest of Sunday to do whatever they wanted, and on such a beautiful day, they weren't going to spend it cleaning.